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Provide Christmas-themed Products

Original Books

Original picture book
"Santa & Shikabell”
published in October 2023!

It is a story about Santa searching

for his Japanese deer, Shikabell,

throughout famous places in Japan.

Original picture book
"The Story of Shikabell"
will be published in May 2024!

It is a story of how Santa met Shikabell

in Nara city, Japan.

※Cover sample

*From the left: Japanese/English, Japanese/French versions

Original Song

Original song
"Nippon Merry Christmas I Love You"

Click below to listen.

Nippon Merry Christmas I Love You!Santa Japan
00:00 / 02:55
Karaoke - Nippon Merry Christmas I Love You!Santa Japan
00:00 / 01:08
Media, Public, and Private Appearances

Event Appearance

YouTube Channels

We will launch two YouTube channels in the summer of 2024!

"Santa & Shikabell"

1 weekly video (children’s show format) in Japanese and English for Japanese children and children from all over the world.
Contents include:

Letter to Santa, Singalong, Storytime, Learn Japanese culture, English lesson, toy reviews, etc.


"Santa's Recipes"

2 weekly videos primarily in English introducing

popular and original recipes that can be used

all year round and for Christmas.

The target is a global and Japanese audience.

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