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Santa Japan is an education and entertainment company created by Matthew Edward Bellman, a Canadian who has been a long-term resident of Japan for over 27 years. Matthew speaks English, French, and Japanese.

After being a professional business English trainer for 25 years in Japan, Matthew Bellman changed his company from Bellman Dynamix Co., Ltd. to Santa Japan Co., Ltd., in 2023.

Matthew was inspired to create an original Santa for Japan using the following brands, “Santa Japan”, “Shikabell” and “Nippon Merry Christmas I Love You”.

Matthew hopes to create new opportunities for Santa Japan and other companies to expand their Christmas market in Japan and the world.

Matthew has a very natural and long beard that is unique to Santa in Japan. Very few have them.


“Nippon Merry Christmas I Love You®︎” and “Shikabell®︎” were approved as an official trademark in April and May 2024.

“Santa Japan” is still trademark pending.

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