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Original picture book "SANTA & SHIKABELL” (Japanese / English and Japanese / French versions) published in October 2023!

It is a story about Santa searching for his Japanese deer, Shikabell, throughout famous places in Japan.

[Special Offer: Letter to Santa]

You can send one letter to Santa for each picture book you purchase. Santa will write a reply to your letter and send it to you before Christmas. We hope that your exchange of letters with Santa will make Christmas a special memory.


Q1. Can I use any paper to send a letter to Santa?

Please use the return form included with the picture book. By using the return form, we can ensure that you are the customer who purchased the picture book.

Q2. When will Santa's reply arrive?

Santa will write a heartfelt reply so that it can be delivered before Christmas.

Q3. Can I send multiple letters?

You can send up to one letter per picture book purchase. If multiple people want to write letters, please write all the messages on one return form. Also, if you purchase multiple picture books, you can write as many letters as you purchased.

[Picture Book] SANTA & SHIKABELL Japanese / English version

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