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About us

Our Mission

“Spreading the values of Christmas and Japanese culture through education and entertainment

to the people of Japan and the world.”

Santa Japan strives to be the most famous Santa in Japan and to have a strong presence globally as a known Santa.
Santa Japan’s purpose is to provide Santa and original Christmas-themed products and services to people in Japan and people all over the world.

Santa Japan hopes to be able to achieve this by providing the following:

  • Media, public and private appearances, and events

  • Creation of publications, specifically Children’s and Christmas-themed books

  • Original brand products

  • Original YouTube Channels - “Santa & Shikabell” and “Santa’s Recipes”.

  • Animation, films, stage shows

  • Reading education for children and parents

What we do

1. Provide Christmas-themed products

We provide Santa and Christmas-themed products

such as original children’s books and songs

focusing on children all over the world.

2. Media, Public, and Private Appearances

We make people smile and contribute to

reading education through original book reading

and appearing at Christmas events.

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